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Full information on the Official UK Register of Licensed Gymnastics Coaches can be found here:

Gymnasts Practicing
Gymnasts Practicing


The register is independent of any body or agency, and all bodies and awarding agencies in the UK who provide recognised gymnastic-related training courses will be eligible to have their coaches and qualifications included, subject to coaches meeting the criteria for inclusion.


The register serves two functions:

1) When a club, centre or school wish to engage a particular coach, they can submit a request to find out if that coach is on the register. The information provided will include current qualifications and which body or bodies the coach is a member of.

2) A club, centre or school looking for a coach can request a list of coaches in their area whose qualifications match their requirements.

Coaches will be given the option when registering of whether or not they would like their details made available to potential employers who request a list of coaches.

Coaches will also be given a further option of having their details made available to prospective employers, but not their email address. The register's administrator will provide a message forwarding service.

Telephone numbers will not be made available.

Gym Coach
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